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"My preventive medicine practice requires a reliance on the highest quality health care specialists. Because dental health is essential to overall medical health, my recommendation for dental care is one of the most important referrals that I make. Since dentistry encompasses both preventive care and surgical skills, I demand superior technical expertise, effective preventive practices, good communication skills and honesty from a dentist. During the thirty years that I have been referring patients to Dr. Head, I have been amazed at her professionalism and results. More important is my observation that the patients are convinced that they are receiving the very best in dental care."
- John Baldwin, MD

"My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Head for thirty years and neither of us would ever think of going to another dentist. Dr. Head has filled teeth, capped teeth, placed bridges and even extracted teeth when necessary. At all times she has kept our teeth healthy and looking good. I was a police officer in Lexington from 1973 until I retired in 1997. During the time that I was a field training officer, Dr. Head would take my rookies and their families as patients. They all told me how good Dr. Head treated them and their families. When my mother and step-father retired and moved to Lexington, I referred them to Dr. Head. They were pleased patients as long as they lived. When we go to Dr. Head we are always so glad to see her and the people who work with her. They are such good people. "
- Larry and Martha Ousley

"I am Dora Albert and I have been a patient of Dr. Marylou Head for 23 years. My husband, Al, has been with her for 26 years. As a dentist , she is very particular and caring when it comes to her patients. She has met both myself and my husband on a weekend to take care of dental problems. Over the years I have given her name and number to many of my co-workers at Ashland Oil. I highly recommend her to everyone we know. Excellent office personnel, office hours and location."
- Dora Albert

"Dear Dr. Head, Thank you so much for fixing my teeth!!! The wonderful service and professional care comforted me during the procedure. Despite my tremendous fear of needles, you managed to administer multiple injections, without me even knowing, let alone feeling any pain!!! An unfortunate roller coaster accident left me missing half of my front teeth, this occurring only days before my sister's wedding, left me in a pretty tight spot. Thanks to the incredible diligence and professionalism of the staff, I was entirely fixed up not even 24 hours after the accident. Thank you so much for saving my teeth, my smile, and possibly the wedding!! Thank you so much!!"
- Sincerely, Alex Simpson

"Dear Dr. Head, You have been my and my family's dentist for many years. Over this time we have had such splendid care. I am writing to you to thank you for your professional services. There are several characteristics of your practice of dentistry that to me are especially noteworthy. First of all, I chose you as our dentist because I heard that you were a part-time clinical professor of dentistry. My confidence in your skill and knowledge has never been misplaced. You have always been so eager to adopt the best advances in dental care, forever ahead of the curve. You have employed such lovely, caring and expert persons in your office. Most importantly, you have remarkable personal strengths. You are a perfectionist in your work details. "Good enough" is never good enough for you - you like perfect. You strive for excellence. Striving for excellence is a rare thing in our world today. I just wanted you to know that I recognize that and I am so thankful for it."
- Warmest personal regards, Stephen M Cox, M.D. Asst Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Kentucky, College of Medicine National Anxiety Foundation, President Addiction Bioscience International, Ltd, limited partner and manager.

"Dr. Marylou Head is the best dentist I have ever experienced. I am 60 years old and have had several problems with my gums receding from my teeth. I was very disheartened by what 3 other dentists wanted to do about my problem. A friend of mine suggested I, at least, try to save my teeth by visiting Dr. Head. She put me at ease immediately. Both Dr. Head and her assistants gave me the confidence to know that my problems could be solved step by step. Now, I can smile again with confidence, all because of Dr. Head. She is a wonderful dentist and a very caring person. I just can't say enough good things about her work. She saved my teeth!"
- Sandra C. Newsom



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